Outlook of Life


By doing this, you can become aware of your type of nature that to which side of life you give weightage.

1) Watch this Glass for 3 seconds.
2) Now Close your eyes for 2 seconds.
3) Now open and tell the first thing that comes into your mind.

Which thing first came in your mind, will tell about your vision towards life.


Some people answer it is filled with water upto half level.

Some answered there is no water in half of the glass.


अगर हम गिलास के भरे हुए भाग को जीवन का भौतिक सुख मानते है और खाली भाग को भौतिक दुःख |

१) तब भरे भाग के बारे में बोलने वाले का मूल स्वभाव जीवन के प्रति सकारात्मक है | वह जीवन में जो नहीं है उसकी जगह जो जीवन में है उसे महत्व देता है |
२) जिन लोगो ने गिलास के खाली भग के बारे में सोचा वे लोग जीवन में जो चीज नहीं है उसी का ज्यादा ध्यान करते है | उनकी सोच में सदा ये ही रहता की काश ये होता, काश वो होता या मेरे पास ये नहीं है, वो नहीं है आदि |


जीवन को गिलास के भरे भाग की तरह देखना चाहिए अर्थात जीवन के प्रति हमारी सोच सकारात्मक होनी चाहिए |
जब हम अपने पास जो है उस पर ध्यान देंगे तो हम शांत चित्त रहते हुए अपने समय और उन चीजो दोनों का सदुपयोग कर पायेंगे |

More Work

Shri Bhaiya always tells Analyse yourself, Question yoursel from each angle.

  • Estimated Life Span

    Everyone has limited life time on this earth.

  • सतगुरु कृपा

    माया पति की शरण में केवल सदगुरुदेव ही ले जा सकते है |

  • Time vs Experience

    Human body growth has saturation point, but Consciousness level has no saturation point.

  • Two Edges

    Life has two edges i.e. Birth and Death.

  • Logical Concept

    When we feel Lonely, Sad or in Depression, we try to change the others or in the outside world.
    But is it POSSIBLE ?

  • Outlook of Life

    This excercise will tell you about yourself that how you are seeing life in different situations.

  • Two Facts

    Two facts should always be remembered. One is Death and other is God.

  • Question Yourself

    Shri Bhaiya always tells us to question ourselves. Here are some questions for practise.

  • Get Curious

    Shri Bhaiya always asks us Don't you ever get curious?

Unlimited Love

Shri Bhaiya loves His Guru Maharaj as a Lover. He sings for Him all kind of songs as per His mood.

Unshakable Trust

Shri Bhaiya has faith in His Guru Maharaj which is unshakable. We are also trying to have faith like Him.

Unconditional Surrender

Shri Bhaiya tells us we should surrender ourselves and our all goods and bads in front of our Guru Ji, but it should not be conditional.